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Arrangements for ANZAC Day 2014

We will be forming up behind the above banner on the day, at 1015 hrs start and our parade position is number 20.

Full details are available on the RSL website.

Easter Closure Dates

The Vietnam Veterans & Veterans Federation will be closed during the Easter period -

Thursday 17th April from 4.00pm – Re open Tuesday 22nd April at 9.00am.

Happy Easter from the Federation.

March 2014 Newsletter

The March Newsletter is available for download.

Click here to download Newsletter.

RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam

Edited by Robert Ray and Max Speedy, The History of the Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam (RANHFV) 1967 – 1971.

This collection of forty or so stories has been validated against reports of proceedings, flying log books and other official sources.

The book gives both a personal and graphic view, rather than a day by day blow of events. Soft cover, photographs.

Between October 1967 and June 1971, the four RANHFV year-long contingents of 45 or so integrated with the US Army’s 135th Assault Helicopter Company as an Experimental Military Unit (EMU) hence the title EMU Flight. The 135th was one of 70 or more US Army helicopter companies in Vietnam and it was the 135th that initially introduced the “H” model Huey to the Vietnam theatre.

RAN pilots filled only about ten per cent of the company’s aircrew billets but contributed significantly more with their operational skills and experience.

Copies of the book can be ordered through the office. Cost is $30.00.

Update on Senate Inquiry into Indexation of Pensions

Update on the Senate inquiry into Indexations of Military Pensions.

You are aware of the Fair Indexation Bill that is now the subject of a Senate Inquiry. DoFD put in a late response. A cynic would say waited until they saw all the other inputs and attempted to discredit them.

The Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO) of which the DFWA is a senior member has put in a further submission rebutting the DOFD input and can be found as submission 7 a.


There is also a letter writing campaign being carried out. I do not want to overload your in-boxes but I can provide details of the campaign and copies of letters if required.

There is a very short fuse on this as the Inquiry has to report to the Senate on 10 May 11.

The e-mail below has some very telling insights from ex DoFD Minister Tanner reported in the Weekend Australian last Saturday.

The recent words of Lindsay Tanner, the previous Minister for Finance, brings light to the confusing data offered by the Department of Finance and Deregulation to counter the longstanding claims for fair indexation of military and civilian Commonwealth superannuation schemes:

“…’misuse of government spending information is a favourite artifice………as a shadow minister and Minister for Finance I became adept at these dark arts using some of what are now the standard tricks employed to maximise political appearances: switching between cash and accrual accounting; using nominal, real or proportion of gross domestic product indicators of spending according to which indicator suited the argument better; classifying yearly spending as capital; making commitments beyond the forward estimate years……..”

Tanner goes on to say:

“The lesson is simple: whenever a politician cites spending figures to show what a fine job he or she is doing, examine the fine print very carefully.”

A recent submission by the Department highlights this: they offer a choice of three costings in their submission to the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee Inquiry into the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Amendment (Fair Indexation) Bill:

· Unfunded superannuation liability of $6.2bn
· Fiscal impact of $1.667bn
· Cash impact across the forward estimates of $175M.

The chasm between $6.2bn at one extreme and $175m at the other demands a more thorough explanation, and without it, the figures must be treated with extreme caution. Our own research indicates that the DoFD numbers are inflated and based on flawed assumptions, particularly the fiscal impact and unfunded liability figures. For example, the accrual based unfunded liability figures span the period out to 2050 and beyond (despite the fact that most DFRDB superannuants will be deceased by then !), and the smallest changes in assumptions today can have a major effect on such long term accrual costs. Importantly, the Australian Government Actuary has cautioned the Government on using unfunded liability figures in policy decision making because of their irrelevance to actual costs.

The DoFD submission to the Senate Inquiry argues that implementing fair indexation… “…… would be a retrospective upgrade to the terms and conditions of service …”. This statement is fundamentally wrong, and is one that infuriates DFRB/DFRDB scheme members. The clear intention of the DFRDB Scheme from the outset (i.e. the “employer” promise) was to provide an indexed pension that would maintain purchasing power – as indeed the original CPI did in the 1970s. The “terms and conditions of service” that existed for many years included a superannuation pension that unambiguously maintained purchasing power with appropriate indexation. Today’s CPI does not maintain pension purchasing power.

All the DFWA is seeking is a restoration of previously eroded conditions of service. That is NOT a “.. retrospective upgrade …”

The Association wonders if Mr Tanner Does will now retract his statement, made on 15 February 2010 on Q&A, that the cost of fair indexation to military and civilian commonwealth superannuants would be “billions and billions” – advice we assume received from the now discredited Matthew Report (and ultimately from the bureaucracy he now derides). That comment caused great harm and distress to hundreds of thousands of senior Australians now struggling on superannuation pensions that average less that the Aged / Service pension.

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This weeks events at the Stephen King Memorial Centre – 29 April 2011

This weeks events at the Centre are available for download.

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This weeks events at the Stephen King Memorial Centre – 15APR11

This weeks events at the Stephen King Memorial Centre.

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Submissions to Fair Indexation Bill

Numerous submissions have be made in regard to the Fair Indexation Bill now before the Federal Parliament.
One of the submissions has been fordrd by VVF National Office.

Click here to download submissions.


The Report of the Review of Military Compensation Arrangements



The Report of the Review of Military Compensation Arrangements, is available on the website

Click here to download details of the Seminar.


This weeks events at The Stephen King Memorial Centre

This weeks events are available for download.

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