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Remembrance Day 2015

Wednesday 11th November 2015 – Details for the Australian War Memorial.

Marking the 97th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the First World War, this year’s Remembrance Day ceremony will be attended by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall.

Limited seating is available, to book email ticketing@awm.gov.au or phone 02 6243 4227 - Bookings close 30 October

10.30am    National Ceremony

4.55pm      Last Post Ceremony

You can watch it live on the Memorial’s website at www.awm.gov.au.



September 2015 Newsletter


In this edition…

1. Title Page
2. Index
3. Contacts Page
4. Presidents Report
5. Around the Centre
6. Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day
7. Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day
8. Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day
9. Veterans Funny Page
10. Soldier On Family Fun Day
11. Soldier On Family Fun Day continued….
12. Coach Tour to Cooma Cottage/Yass
13. Services and Activities offered/Coach Tours/Medal Mounting
14. Garden of Peace 10th Anniversary by Terry Lawler
15. If you are ever in Merimbula/Selkirk Antiques & Restorations services
16. Donations and Care Inc.
17. Veterans Health Week/Christmas Party 2015/50th Anniversary Second Era National Service Scheme
18. Groups at the Centre
19. Poem by Banjo Patterson
20. Medals Awarded 47 years on, An article from the Air Force newspaper
21. Upcoming Events/Food Van dates/Weekly activities
22. On the road for Winter – Ian and Barbara Schafferius
23. On the road for Winter continued…..
24. Fundraising for The Centre/Christmas closure/Vets at Villagio
25. Patient Choices
26. Planning Ahead and Power of Attorney
27. Lost/Unclaimed Money
28. Lets talk about wills –Fergus Thomson/Article Correction
29. AGM Nominations
30. Advertising Rates/Are you Financial/Indemnity Clause
31. Membership Form
32. Sponsors

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Can you Volunteer??

Volunteers are required for the following:
• Committee members
• Food Van Operators
• Anyone with a truck license (driving the Food Van)
• Assist the OHS Officer
• Hospital Visiting Team
Terry Duffy-Woden 6296 1068 (in need of more volunteers)
Dennis Hebden-Calvary 0407 018 196
• Pension Officers
• Welfare Officers
• Gardening
• Cleaning
• Entertainment
• Maintenance projects (eg tradesmen/women)
• Assistance with current weekly activities and new activities (eg fishing club)
• General volunteer work
• History Project Manager
There are many opportunities for you on a casual or more permanent basis to assist those in need and to enjoy the company of others.
If you can assist in any way please contact Leannda or Taryn by phone on 02 6255 1599 or email vvfact@vvfact.org.au

March 2015 Newsletter

The March Newsletter is available for download.


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December 2014 Newsletter

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September 2014 Newsletter

The September Newsletter is available for download.

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June 2014 Newsletter

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March 2014 Newsletter

The March Newsletter is available for download.

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RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam

Edited by Robert Ray and Max Speedy, The History of the Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam (RANHFV) 1967 – 1971.

This collection of forty or so stories has been validated against reports of proceedings, flying log books and other official sources.

The book gives both a personal and graphic view, rather than a day by day blow of events. Soft cover, photographs.

Between October 1967 and June 1971, the four RANHFV year-long contingents of 45 or so integrated with the US Army’s 135th Assault Helicopter Company as an Experimental Military Unit (EMU) hence the title EMU Flight. The 135th was one of 70 or more US Army helicopter companies in Vietnam and it was the 135th that initially introduced the “H” model Huey to the Vietnam theatre.

RAN pilots filled only about ten per cent of the company’s aircrew billets but contributed significantly more with their operational skills and experience.Copies of the book can be ordered through the office. Cost is $30.00.


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