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US Women KIA in Afghanistan & Iraq

Not many would be aware of the number of American servicewomen casualities in both Iraq and Afghanistan. A total of 105 American women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan during the period 23 Mar 03-25 Jan 08! It is to be remembered that US servicewomen make up 15% of today’s active-duty US military. In the Australian Army, women make up 10% of total Army numbers!

Research shows that some 11,000 US servicewomen served in Vietnam with 6,250 of these being Nurses (USAF/USMC and US Army). Nine US Servicewomen were KIA in Vietnam, with eight of these being Nurses and one USAF Capt KIA during Operation “Babylift” when a C-5A Galaxy crashed outside Tan Son Nhut AFB in APR 75.

It certainly puts into perspective the lethality and dangers of modern day warfare.

There have been eight US Servicewomen awarded the Silver Star for service! Leigh Ann Hester, an MP with the Kentucky National Guard was awarded the Silver Star for her service in Iraq.  Previously in WW1 and WW2 seven servicewomen, all nurses, were awarded the Silver Star for service by the US Military.

- Peter Holz

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