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Seven World War II veterans who served in Australian light horse units
will attend the dedication of a memorial to the light horse in
Be’er-Sheva, Israel, on 28 April, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs,
Alan Griffin, announced today.

Mr Griffin, who will be joining the veterans for the dedication, said
they would be travelling as guests of the Australian Government.

“The 4th and 12th Light Horse successfully charged the Turkish defenders
at Beersheba to take the town on 31 October 1917, a famous action which
turned the tide of the Palestine campaign in the First World War,” Mr
Griffin said.

A key feature of the memorial is a sculpture by Australian sculptor
Peter Corlett of a mounted light horseman in full flight as he leaps the
trenches during the charge at Beersheba (now called Be’er-Sheva).  It
will be dedicated during a memorial service conducted by the Australian

The memorial is the centrepiece of the Park of the Australian Soldier,
an initiative of Australia’s Pratt Foundation to recognise the
contribution of Australian service personnel in the Middle East in the
First and Second World Wars and subsequent peace operations. The Park
will be dedicated by the Governor-General, His Excellency Major General
Michael Jeffery, and the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, on April 28.

“The light horse is legendary in Australia and a mission party of Second
World War light horsemen is an appropriate way to honour the light horse
at the dedication of this memorial.”

The members of the party are:

Veteran, Unit, State
Mr Ernest (Bob) Archer, 6th Light Horse, Orange, NSW.
Mr Ronald (Ron) Hatch, 10th Light Horse, Lesmurdie, WA .
Mr Douglas (Doug) Lade, 20th Light Horse, Highlands via Seymour, VIC.
Mr Edward (Ted) Mulligan OAM, 12th Light Horse, Guyra, NSW.
Mr Eric Nunn, 6th Light Horse, Orange, NSW.
Mr Dale Robertson, 2nd Light Horse, Peakhurst, NSW.
Mr John Stuart, 10th Light Horse, Merriwa, WA.   

NOTE:  Biographies of the veterans are available on request.

Inquiries:     Minister for Veterans’ Affairs: Laura Ryan 0437 863 109
            Department of Veterans’ Affairs: Lachlan Leslie
0420 962 506

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