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Please send all contributions to this site to: webmaster at vvfact.org.au

This web site is designed to be a living thing. It doesn’t rely on a webmaster to add content and control things … it’s set up so that every member of the community can easily participate, add information, comment on contributions by others, and generally make it a place we all enjoy. This page outlines procedures to make it easy for you to be involved.

Comments on Posts

To add comments, observations, updates, corrections etc to any of the posts on this site, just complete the Comments form at the bottom of the article.

If it’s not visible, click the Comments link at the bottom of the relevant article. It will take you to the form. Just type in your name, email address, and your comment in the boxes provided.

Note: Beside the ‘website’ box there is a simple sum, such as “Please add 5 and 2″. Type the answer in the ‘website’ box, then click the ‘Submit’ button.

Add Photos

Get the login details from then go to the Photo Gallery at Flickr. Click on the Upload Photos link and follow the prompts. Describe what’s in the photo or give it a caption. Include names places and dates if applicable, and any keyword tags that might help people find the photo if they’re looking for something on that topic.

If you want to post the photo on the main VVFACT website to illustrate an article, click on the photo while you’re logged in to Flickr, and one of the options above the photo is is ‘Blog this’. Click this, enter your story in the panel at the right of the photo, and then click the Blog button.

It usually says there’s been a problem (!) so check whether it has appeared on the VVFACT website. If it’s there, you’ve finished; if not, hit the post button again.

Add Links

Email details to

Add Posts to This Blog (Front Page of this Web Site)

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